Quality Policy

The management of Zucchetti Axess S.P.A sets out the Quality Policy for its Quality Management System as operational tool in compliance with the requirements of the regulation UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.


The management of Zucchetti Axess S.P.A undertakes to pursue its corporate policy by placing the Customer and the satisfaction of his/her requirements at the centre of all its activities and, especially, the customer satisfaction is pursued by adapting the development plans and guidelines to the needs of customers detected by us both explicitly and implicitly, with monitoring methods for feedback from those customers regarding their judgment on the achievement of their expectations by means of existing contractual relationships from having chosen our company as their strategic partner/supplier for our products and services.


The Customer plays a central role in the success of Zucchetti Axess S.P.A and it is therefore important to know him/her well, to design and manufacture products and provide related services that meet his/her needs in order to increase his/her satisfaction.


The management of Zucchetti Axess S.P.A has established the following strategic objectives which should be achieved by means of its Quality Management System:


• periodically analyse the company context and identify the needs and expectations of the stakeholders (Shareholders, General Management, Managers, Customers, Suppliers and Partners, Media, Entities with which contractual relationships exist, Collaborators/Employees), in order to achieve a high level of satisfaction, the achievement of budget objectives, the constant reduction of the number of possible complaints and/or non-compliances, the observance of contract times and costs.


• Maintain and consolidate a Quality Management System through training and information activities for staff at all levels in order to maintain the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certification;


• Maintain the compliance with all applicable laws and regulations in force and for the sector (e.g. Legislative Decree no. 81/2008; Law no. 196/2003 and the subsequent European Regulation no. 679 of 2016 on the subject of Privacy) undertaking to communicate to the public entities or government agencies in charge, any and all events that may generate danger for people and for the precise management of personal data and ensure and promote cooperation with both public authorities and the bodies with which relationships are established;


• Achieve the continuous improvement of the Quality Management System both from the analysis of the data collected through the periodic audits and on a daily basis through the commitment of each employee as a promoter of continuous improvement actions through discussion with the Managers of each process, the Management itself and the Quality Management Department of the company.


• The update and possible continuous introduction of process documents in order to delimit and direct the conduct of activities along precise lines, while at the same time being able to carry out, in the event of a situation not complying with the policy or objectives, the possible impacts of activities carried out or to be carried out in order to prevent and mitigate probable impacts and to seize opportunities for improvement by making them stable.


Therefore, with the achievement of the described strategic objectives, it is intended to implement a strategy strongly focused on customers and potential customers, achieving greater effectiveness of actions aimed at the market so as to make customer satisfaction the differentiating factor in a context of strong competitiveness.

The specific objectives will be defined at least annually by the Management and disseminated to all collaborators and employees and stakeholders.


In order to pursue the above mentioned objectives, the following actions have been undertaken:

• Assignment to the Quality Management Department, responsibility for introducing and maintaining the Management System and in particular for ensuring constant adherence to the documental structure, ensuring staff training for the application of the practices governed by the Quality Management System, carrying out the verification activities of the implementation status of the Quality Management System and reporting periodically to the General Management on the progress of the Quality Management System including proposals for improvement, as well as promoting awareness of Customer requirements throughout the entire organisation.


• Implementation of a quality improvement plan (Annual Improvement Plan).

• Maintenance of the entrusting to the certification body IMQ Spa as Certification Body accredited by ACCREDIA of the activities related to the maintenance of the ISO 9000 certification of Zucchetti Axess S.P.A in relation to the Quality Management System,


In view of the importance of the objectives to be achieved and the commitment required to achieve them, collaborators and all employees, at all levels and grades, are invited to cooperate in the implementation and update of the Quality System and to scrupulously comply with the requirements contained in the Management documents, in the Process Documents, in the Technical Instructions, in the Quality Management System Manual and in any other relevant provisions that may be provided by the Quality Management Department of the company.


Date 27th March 2018

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