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Data Collection

Integration with SAP for data exchange between the SAP Time Management module and the attendance data collection subsystems of AXESS TMC, which offers a vast range of multifunction terminals.

SAP Connector 2.0 uses ALE (Application Link Enabling) technology, exploits the SAP JCo, Java Connector libraries forexchanging information and comprises two components:


  • the “connector” that resides on the serve and exchanges data with SAP (personal details, justifications, badging, etc)
  • the “validator” that resides on terminals and applies all the controls provided for by SAP on the data entered by the users (white-list, badging, justifications, expenses etc).


SAP connector 2.0 allows easy activation of connections to SAP systems and different systems at the same time. This option is useful when migrating from an existing system to SAP, for example, or for feeding different applications such as a production control application.

SAP Connector 2.0 enables AXESS TMC data collection terminals to be used with the SAP R/3 4.5 or ECC 6.0 Time Management module for various functions, including:


  • Automatic importation of employees list (DNPERSO table)
  • Exportation of attendance transactions (UPTEVEN table).

This solution, entirely developed by AXESS TMC, means that the company is able to build customized interfaces if system requirements differ from the standard functions provided by HR-PDC.

This, together with the wide range of multi-function terminals that can be connected to SAP Connector, form a unique system for completeness and guarantee an optimal price/performance ratio.


P01 Clock-in or Clock-out
P02 Start or end of break
P03 Star or end of off -site work
P04 Star or end of off -site work at home
P05 Interim entry
P11 Change
P10/P20 Clock-in/ Clock-out
P15/P25 Start/end of break
P30 /P40 Start/end off -site work
P35/P45 Start/end off -site work at home
P60 Info entry
P50 Employee expenditures

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