Cloud Reporting on Production

Control all production and Supply Chain data in real time.

ico-sfera-oltre-97x97 Reporting on Production


Actual employee production time calculation is easy and instant You can monitor progress of your production via the web.


Constantly Control all Levels

It provides real, objective data that is essential for optimizing company production data. Each processing phase is monitored to check progress of performance, based on statistics and historical data. Monitor and give value to working times, choose Reporting on Production for efficient production data collection and processing.



Reporting on Production manages items, orders, production phases and production cycles for a detailed, current status of your production.


New Added Value

Management of production activity is smart thanks to Reporting on Production. It is possible to trace data and record each production process in order to optimize the work flow for the entire supply chain, canceling out errors and identifying improvement points in the chain and business.


You are always Updated

The cloud application allows you to connect all the network devices, allowing them to communicate. This means a more complete operational control. Information can easily be found and shared.

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