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Fire Prevention System

Blocks fires as they are lit with the XAtlas Fire Prevention system integrated with SCAME and NOTIFIER

It evaluates events in real time and alerts security staff who can then intervene immediately. Greater safety of alarms, sound deterrents and immediate notification.

XAtlas, the Zucchetti Axess access control system, can integrate fire prevention alarm system offering a unique interface of access control, security and events.
The solution offers:

  • single supervision and control system;
  • Sharing of information;
  • Simplicity in use;
  • Low maintenance costs.

Thanks to the XAtlas software that is integrated with certified third-party fire-detection equipment, it is possible to have full supervision of the fire prevention system that stands out due to its high event processing speed and precision and accuracy of gathered data.

In the event of fire, the XAtlas system can indicate escape routes and gather the list of people present at the Muster Stations in the event of evacuation.

Why choose the AXESS TMC fire alarm solution:

  • To centrally manage information required to carry out evacuation procedures efficiently especially in areas where there are large numbers of people, such as: airports, stadiums or worksites;
  • To detect real fires and neglect disturbance variables on the system so as to avoid false alarms and therefore a loss of production or an operational breakdown;
  • To communicate alarm and escape routes as quickly as possible, especially for hospitals, clinics and all those places where the emergency situation is particularly critical;
  • to safeguard human safety but also to protect Flexibility of XAtlas software allows more sophisticated solutions to be obtained that also satisfy particular security needs.

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