Operators at workstation detection

System to detect operators at the workstation

Detecting the presence of an operator at his workstation allows companies not only to monitor and verify the various processes in the production area but also to reduce the risks associated with their absence, especially in potentially dangerous workstations such as operating machines, lathes, cranes, bridge cranes, etc.


Which is why a system was created that detects the presence of the authorized operator constantly, deactivating the machine in case of absence or departure from the station, thus avoiding their use by unauthorized persons.


This system can be installed in companies in the construction, engineering, logistics, industrial and transport sectors, and in all those companies where the main machinery requires the authorization and identification of the employee. The reader can be connected to a PC or an AXESS TMC controller, as recommended in industrial sectors; identification takes place constantly thanks to a specific configuration of the reader, which generates an entry reading when approaching with the identification devices, and an exit reading when leaving.

Badge-based solution

By applying readers in the RFID4/4K and RFID5/5K series with a badge pocket, the employee can leave its badge in it.

The reader sends the code when the card is inserted or removed, thus ensuring a constant detection of the operator.

Tag-based solution

Detection can also take place through a wireless tag, taking advantage of the benefits of BLE technology.

The operator is provided with a pocket-sized tag that he can keep on his person.

A BLE reader is installed on the workstation, that can cover an area whose size can range from 1 to 10 meters.

The reader receives the badge presence and allows the activation of the machinery, deactivating it when the badge moves outside the distance set.


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