Video-surveillance System

With XAtlas and XProtect® Milestone: video-surveillance together with access control.

The integrated, modern and technologically advanced video-surveillance system, developed in IP technology, includes:


  • an open, integrated platform for full video-surveillance management;
  • simplified Live and Playback analysis;
  • behavior video analysis


The integration of XAtlas with XProtect allows both access control and video-surveillance to be under control using a single interface. It is possible to choose between using the XProtect interface ( using the Milestone ACM plugin) or the XAtlas interface. Thanks to integration, it is possible to use functions on both system synergically.


With the Smart Client ® interface it is possible:


  • To video record the scene according to the events generated by the access control (e.g. An attempt of denied access);
  • View the transit of users in real time, with their photos and live recordings;
  • Manage access control entrances using XProtect interface.



XAtlas is a distributed system, access control and video-surveillance management is guaranteed in the event of interruption of network communication between the site and the central server. This characteristics makes XAtlas and XProtect integration ideal for multi-site companies.

  • The operator with the sole interface runs the functions on both system;
  • Thanks to integration, it is possible to use functions on both systems synergically.
  • Saving installation time and costs as integration is already available.

So many advantages on a single platform!


XAtlas & AXIS A1001 Network Door Controller: see well, control well… Always safe!

Integration of XAtlas with AXIS A1001, the open, integrated platform for access management, satisfied the requirements for all systems, from the smallest to the most complex ones.


With XAtlas integrating and managing AXIS cameras directly, it allowslive viewing of monitored sites and authorizes or denies access remotely, using semi-automatic functions provided by the software.


The XAtlas system guarantees clear images, full of detail. The quality achieved in the AXIS camera images allows identification of faces and monitors conduct in light, even night-time. Integration between XAtlas software and Axis cameras has allowed implementation of a sophisticated solution that can solve all the aspects linked to security and video-surveillance. With a single solution, it is possible to:


  • Monitor transits through remote entrances, using live image support
  • Set popups on alarms
  • Obtain real-time information on alarm, name, badge number


Simple, reliable, low-cost solutions: high definition cameras with real time viewing in loco and remotely (Control Room or Monitoring institutes), easy to integrate with intrusion detection, anti-tampering systems or with existing access control.

Advanced solutions for all needs, all sizes and all budgets.

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