Together for Worksite Security

The Safety Solution and XAtlas software packages allow effective management of safety in the workplace in a complete, flexible and straightforward manner.


The integrated safety system: suppliers qualification, tenders management, access control, video surveillance and intrusion detection.


The Safety Solution’s Tenders and Suppliers Qualification module allows you to manage the safety of contractor personnel engaged in work on the company premises (intramoenia tenders) and in work performed by the company on its customers’ sites (extramoenia tenders). All activities are performed while keeping strict control of the company’s workplace safety budget.


With Tenders and Supplier Qualification the principal profiles and qualifies its suppliers in compliance with the standard model required by statutory legislation, it then links the suppliers with the necessary documentation (Records of incorporation, NI contribution records [DURC], single employment ledger [LUL], etc.) and manages the related expiry dates in order to monitor technical-professional fitness for execution of the contracted works.


Thanks to integration with the XAtlas Access Control software, Zucchetti’s solution informs the construction site gate systems in relation to the compliance status of the contractor in question so that worker access to the site can be granted or denied.


XAtlas is fully integrated with video surveillance (VMS) and video camera systems. The software communicates via IP with the main video management systems (VMS), managing live or recorded video streams and events. The user can monitor activities on the construction site or recorded video streams and events directly from his/her interface.

Software sicurezza cantieri

With Safety Solution – Tenders and Suppliers’ qualification module:

  • Workers’ safety management
  • Intra-moenia and extra-moenia tender contract management
  • Set company budget control
  • Profiling and approval of suppliers
  • Expiration management
  • Checking contractor conformity
  • Identification of dangerous processes and adopted safety measures
  • Registration of accidents and near-miss accidents

With XAtlas:

  • Communication of supplier conformity to access points
  • Authorization or denial of access to the worksite
  • Integration with video-surveillance systems (VMS) to manage video flows, also in real-time
  • Integration with cameras to see what is happening or has happened inside the worksite


Software sicurezza cantieri

Safety Solution

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