Intrusion detection

Intrusion Detection system

Protects your company with the XAtlas Intrusion detection system, combined with the alarm centers.

AXESS TMC develops cabled and radio-controlled turnkey solutions for protection in industrial and commercial environments. All with simple, flexible installation guaranteed by our know-how and experience.


Our Intrusion detection system is distinguished by its reliability of functions and easiness of use, with solutions to meet all your needs.

The offer is suitable for small environments, where simple, fast accessibility guarantees an integrated system with high performance and top security for small companies, and for large industrial plants, with multiple areas to monitor. Scalable products that can easily be integrated allow for the development of solutions for each monitoring need.


The  XAtlas Intrusion detection system integrates perfectly with third party systems such as: DEA, ELMO, AXEL and CITEL. Mapping the inputs received from sensors on doors and windows on the XAtlas system, it is possible to receive information from the system and control them. By combining the Security module, it is possible to intuitively manage the system by viewing the alarms on an interactive collective plant of the controlled area.




  • Enters zone alarms
  • Manages the list of alarms
  • Activates/deactivates the alarm actuators
  • Processes events
intrusion detection

Intrusion detection system

Intrusion detection system:

  • Detects theft or intrusion attempts
  • Protects the perimeters of any kind and size
  • Can be integrated with video-surveillance systems and IP cameras

Evaluates events in real time. Alerts security staff who can then intervene immediately. Greater safety of alarms, sound deterrents and immediate notification.

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