Construction Sites

The security system for all construction sites that protects resources and allows access to the site only by authorized personnel.

There are raw materials and valuable goods on construction sites that are very attractive to thieves, therefore it is important to have an efficient access control, video surveillance and intrusion detection system to protect property and assets.


To truly manage security, it is necessary to assess risk, define measures to eliminate them or reduce them and check the actual application of the adopted measures. The construction site must face several challenges for security: extreme weather conditions, protection of certain areas, and in some cases, multiple entrances with different levels for access rights.


The safety coordinator and site supervisor must be ready to face this type of threat for such critical factors.
Theft, accidents and natural disasters can cause the interruption of work and danger to safety.


AXESS TMC solutions help you manage the most difficult situations and guarantee continuous construction site operations. With our security systems, you can easily manage work safety issues. You can control and monitor the perimeter areas and the entire site: Access control and video surveillance systems allows you to monitor activities from a central control room and allow site access only to authorized personnel, both workers and visitors.

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