The full system for making schools and universities safe for students, teachers and staff.

Making schools and universities safe and accessible for students, teachers and staff is the main concern for protecting people and buildings. Medium or large schools often have several points of strategic interest: car parks, recreational areas, corridors, floors, classrooms, gyms, canteens, campus and the entire perimeter of the building with access points. A danger-free education environment requires solutions for intelligent, discreet and efficient safety


AXESS TMC solutions for IP access control, IP video surveillance, monitoring of activities and escape routes guarantee safety and protection at any time and in any place: buildings that house main entrances and classrooms, car parks, sports facilities, canteens and student accommodation.


Thanks to the wide range of access control terminals available with identification technologies (proximity, UHF, NFC, biometrics, magnetic, barcode, BLE) and XAtlas, modular, scalable software platform, with technologically advanced functions, it is possible to manage the entire integrated system for access control, intrusion detection and video-surveillance. It is possible to control who enters and leaves and when.


Protect your school against undesired guests, offer a safer learning environment with AXESS TMC solutions.

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