Wireless Lock

Wireless Access Control: safe access at an affordable price!

Extreme flexibility of wireless access control systems allows you to address any problem dynamically: space protection, information protection and people security management, beating plant and building costs. Using wireless systems if compared with traditional access control systems has effective benefits regarding energy and maintenance, reducing costs considerably.

AxessTMC security and intrusion detection systems, integrating Wireless Lock technology from the Assa Abloy Aperio platform, allows new or existing access control systems to be expanded simply and inexpensively.

The Xatlas system integrates several components by Aperio® (cylinders, handle plates, locks and communication hub) to control entrance access, without the need for expensive cabling.


Aperio® integration available for the Xatlas system can manage both Aperio Online technology and Aperio Offline technology, supporting all the most  widespread RFID technologies: MIFARE and 125Khz. Online integration uses the RS485 protocol and Wiegand communication depending on the controllers used: FE DOOR or AX DOOR by AXESS TMC.


With the Online solution, functions are real time, very useful for:


  • Acquiring permitted and/or denied access attempts in real time.
  • Knowing the status, events and alarms on Wireless Lock
  • Acting on access rights
  • Sending commands to Wireless Lock and receiving feedback
  • Enabling and disabling door opening.


With the Offline solution, cabling costs are further reduced or even eliminated, with a consequent optimization of costs, and the possibility of control areas that cannot be reached by cabling. The Offline system is based on RFID, R/W cards, also known as “virtual networking on card”. The R/W cards allow:


  • wide-ranging reach for each door and control of cupboards and racks in the data center.
  • Learning of permitted/denied access attempts, alarms and events.
  • The Online system allows opening or blocking of doors, even remotely.
  • The Offline system records each access attempt on the car and on the cylinder.

Wireless safety: simple, safe and easy to install!

  • Makes identification of users homogeneous, using a single card.
  • Simplifies  daily management of distribution and pick-up of mechanical keys. If one of them is lost, it will not be necessary to replace all the locks.
  • Increases   safety eliminating the danger of typical duplication of mechanical keys.
  • Reduces installation costs thanks to elimination of cabling and i  installation time as the system does not require any structural interventions.
  • Allows knowledge of authorized or denied access attempts,   alarms and  events.
  • Allows management of opening or closing of entrance also remotely.
  • Allows recording on card ad cylinder of all attempts at access.
  • If the card is lost, disablement is simple and rapid.

Wireless Access Control: simple and high security!

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