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License Plate Recognition

Licence Plate Recognition for full Access Control.

number plate reading device has cameras that can provide high quality images that show the number plate of a traveling vehicle inside the picture and software that extrapolates the number from the image.


For ANPR, Automatic Number Plate Recognition, it is necessary to have highly technological, professional devices that can automatically read and recognize the number plates of cars, motorbikes and various vehicles in circulation, both Italian and foreign.

The number plate recognition and reading system can be used for access control too, for example for:


  • access control in car parks (opening/closing of bar)
  • access control in residential areas, to guarantee greater security in one area or municipality.
  • Cameras for reading number plates can be integrated into special approved systems for access control in Restricted Vehicle Access areas in towns and cities.

XAtlas software integrates a full number plate reading and recognition system for car parks and vehicle access control


The number plate identification system is based on a camera for plate recognition that communicates with the XAtlas access control system on the Ethernet network using TCP/IP protocols.


XAtlas can manage and store information recorded by each number plate reading camera. Using the software it is possible to manage special lists of authorized vehicles (white list) or unauthorized vehicles (black list).


Data storage is unlimited and it is possible to export the data to csv format at any time. All the saved images can be exported to jpeg format. Rules can also be configured for the automatic sending of images via email, or interfacing with third-party systems.


IP Camera 

IP Camera:

  • Uses OCR technology and monitors number plates both day and night
  • Guarantees reading of vehicle number plates up to 60 km/h with reduced processing time
  • Monitors relative incoming/outgoing direction
  • Allows HD images
  • Does not require installation of additional Xatlas software modules and not even specific hardware components such as photocells, loops or other sensors.


With XAtlas:

  • Integrates with highly technological and professional devices
  • It provides a complete number plate reading and recognition system for access control in car parks, reserved areas, critical infrastructures such as ports and airports, and residential areas
  • It carries out the operations consequent to the type of authorization associated with the number plate (e.g. Opening the entrance gate or turning on the traffic light)
  • It calculates the number of vehicles present in the monitored area.
  • Number plate reading and I/O management via proprietary protocol from FM.
  • Management of vehicle transit marked with «transportation of hazardous material» plates

Technical features

  • IR Illuminator for night operation (8 high power LEDs)
  • Many focal lenghts available (CS-Mount)
  • 2 Mpixel B&W (PR-CAM01750/1) – 2 Mpixel Color (PR-CAM01752/3)
  • 2 built in relays assignable to a gate (ie barrier) or traffic light and managed by FM
  • 2 built in INPUTS assignable to custom functions (ie gate status)
  • Works outdoor: IP67 protection – Temperature -40….+55
  • POE (Power Over Ethernet) to minimize installation time
  • Reads both reflective and non reflective plates

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