XFACE Facial Recognition

XFACE Facial Recognition

Safety and control at your disposal!


Zucchetti Axess and Herta Security have developed an integration of their respective products, creating XFACE, an integrated solution based on facial recognition that can be used for both access control  and for attendance monitoring


Zucchetti Axess, a company belonging to the Zucchetti Group, a leader in access control systems and attendance monitoring for companies and public organizations, and Herta Security, a leader in the development of state of the art solutions in facial recognition, have signed a partnership for the development and commercialization of XFACE, a biometric authentication solution using facial recognition.

XFACE is based on the integration of Zucchetti Axess access control and attendance monitoring software and hardware systems with BioSurveillance, Herta Security’s video-surveillance solution that monitors people’s faces in real time to identify them instantly  via facial recognition, without the need for registration on a central archive.


Alberto Pavesi, CEO of Zucchetti Axess: “In recent years, the market has increasingly asked us for products that could guarantee security of company perimeters or sensitive areas and also tools for controlling employees in observance of privacy laws. On this latter aspect,  the media have recently revealed several cases of workers who clock on for their absent colleagues; this will no longer be possible using XFACE.

In Italy, the Privacy watchdog has never permitted the creation of registered biometric data archives  with which to make comparisons, but a system like ours can detect biometric data and compare them in real time, thus solving the privacy problem”.


Laura Blanc, Marketing Executive at Herta Security: “Facial biometrics is used to identify a user from check lists that have previously been uploaded and to check his identity when passing through the entrance gate or when clocking on at work. The devices are totally autonomous, without any human intervention, also optimizing company costs and processes.  The photographs are not stored in any database. They are eliminated after the face has been recognized; basically, “they are born and they die” at the same time, thus protecting the user’s sensitive data.

The logic that includes biometrics and the facial recognition systems is the one that allows access to a given environment only to people whose face detected is the same as the one that has been recorded.

In this way, the people being dishonest about clocking on won’t be able to carry on!”


Herta Security is a world leader in the development of state-of-the-art solutions in facial recognition. Based in Barcelona, in Spain – and with offices in Madrid, London and Los Angeles – the company offers solutions that are aimed at the final user, for video surveillance and access control, and at marketing needs.

International projects include citizen, airport, railway station and subway, prison, bank, casino, stadium, shopping mall, military and police security and forensic applications.

Herta Security has partners in 45 countries and is a part of the Everis Aerospace, Defense and Security group.


Zucchetti Axess specializes in the supply of integrated hardware and software systems for personnel, goods and vehicle access control, intrusion detection and video surveillance, workplace security, time & attendance and human resources management.

With more than 200 partners and thousands of readers and terminals sold every year to companies in all fields of business, Zucchetti Axess is an international name working in 50 countries worldwide.

Zucchetti Axess has operated for more than ten years in the access control sector, providing complete, technologically advanced systems for identifying people, goods and vehicles, in order to guarantee security in workplaces. The strengths of the Zucchetti Axess solutions, scalability and versatility, respond perfectly to even the most complex demands for security management.

Zucchetti Axess is a part of the Zucchetti Group that is one of the most important Italian players in the IT sector with its more than 3,300 employees, a distribution network of over 1,100 partners and more than 105,000 customers.


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