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Oltre.app is the easy to use, intuitive, multi-functional App!

Suite Oltre application


Offline mode available

A single App to gather and enter data on the move, for smartphones and tablets.

Oltre.app is a product that provides the possibility of finding and consulting data from any Suite Oltre application in a single App.


Attendance monitoring: the App generates and records attendance transactions and can work both as a badge terminal and as a badge. It allow the situations of absence/presence to be seen and the badge sheet with any details of anomalies, shift plans and transactions shown. It also allows you to add new employees.

If no connection is available, it allows you to record your presence in offline mode.


Access Control: the App allows you to monitor the state of the relays and to activate them on need to open up an entrance. It allows you to view transits and to monitor readers. It also allows you to monitor their location on a map. It also allows you to add new employees and visitors.


Detection of Production data: the App can generate production declarations in real time, as if it was a production terminal and to monitor the state of progress of all production activities.


Shift Management: the App allows you to view the shift plan.


The intuitive, efficient interface has been developed with the aim of simplifying times and modes of use as far as possible. It allows processes to be optimized and information retrieving exercises to be streamlined.


It is a powerful work tool as it extends usability of the suite outside the company walls and allow information to be collected by and shared with those who, for working reasons, do not have a local information system (mobile worksites, traveling staff, maintenance staff, salesmen etc.).


It uses  NFCbarcodeQRcode (as well as the keyboard) and georeferencing.

It is available for both tablets and smartphones.


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