I/O module and readers for Access Control Can be connected to RS485 bus.

FD-RIO is a component of the Zucchetti AXESS modular security systems. It provides 2 Relays, 2 Inputs, 2 ports for readers and on-board BLE module.


The AXESS TMC terminals and controllers can expand connecting optional modules to the RS485 port: I/O boards, pinpads, readers (RFID, Biometric, Bluetooth…)


  • Thanks to the expansion modules, a single device (terminal or controller) can manage multiple access points.
  • Additionally, expansion modules can be placed where they are needed (I/O boards in non-vandalizable areas and readers next to the access point)



FD-RIO offers the following benefits:


  • Versatile reader connection at the two available ports (Wiegand, TTL/RS232 Serial and Ck&Data)
  • Full control of a bi-directional gate with reader at both incoming and outgoing
  • Integrated BLE Bluetooth reader for using smartphone as badge or BLEtags



All Light version terminals, all X series terminals (except X1 and X2) and XIO, AX GATE and AX DOOR controllers can use FD-RIO to expand their I/O to control complex access points or to remotely control relays in a secure area.

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