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Time and Attendance

XAtlas integrates itself synergistically with time and attendance systems

XAtlas is not only access control, but it also collects and pass data to any time and attendance software acting itself as a single control system of field equipment.


XAtlas time recording system is the ideal tool to collect and process data of employee suitable for any type of structure:


  • enterprise of any size and market
  • healthcare and private clinics
  • public or private authorities
  • institutions
  • educations

Which are the advantages?


  • integration of access control and time & attendance: it allows you to check in real time the data for the access employee and staff attendance /absences, the automatic counting of ordinary hours worked.
  • selective data collection: staff presence and absence data can be collected in a selective way: for example, only some data are collected (those of some terminals and not of other ones, who are exclusively dedicated to access control).
  •  better business efficiency thanks to the integration of access control and time and attendance with a significant cost saving.
  • synergistic integration: a single system that shares the same hardware and the exchange of data, information. Thanks to the flexibility of Zucchetti Axess terminals, XAtlas acts as a unique interface that sorts the data and passes them to the software.
  • cost saving thanks to Zucchetti Axess terminals.Our range of terminals is marked by its simplicity, large configurability and fast integrability.

Integration with Attendance Management hardware allows you to have a full system for a modern management of working activities.

Choose the hardware that is most suited to your needs!

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