Field Manager


The Field Manager device allows distributing the intelligence of system, ensuring advanced functionality.

Smart and multi-application


Field Manager is equipped with a stand-alone database that is updated online by the XAtlas software. The devices can automatically execute all the field processes relating to different applications such as Access Control, Intrusion Detection and Time & Attendance.

Manages up to 2 RS485 branches

for the connection of FD devices.


Equipped with ethernet 10/100 MBIT/S port

for communication with the XAtlas server in TCP/IP.


Equipped with standalone database

This allows operation of a subsystem or an entire area with more than one gate, even in case of no server connection.


Manages gates, readers and sensor

That continue to operate even in case of failure or outage of one or more field devices, failure, outage or non-reachability of the system server, interruption of a communication line.


Automatically alligns the database with the server


Communicates with the server of the system on which the XAtlas application is installed and in TCP/IP via ehernet with another FM


Manage of intelligent terminals supported by Xatlas

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