X Family

XFamily includes robust Web Terminals for time and attendance and access control applications.

Transflective Display

Ready to use

Configurable via web

Functionality, technology and design. 


X1, X2, X3 are multifunction devices for Time & Attendance and Access Control applications, suitable for every type of work environment, even outdoor.

The terminal can manage the access point connected to it in two ways: OFFLINE, using tables stored in the internal file system and ONLINE, exchanging HTTP messages in real time with a server that governs the access point, validates the badge, displays messages and controls all the other functions of the terminal.


Ready to use

All the Time & Attendance and Access Control functions are already integrated and can be .configured via web (time slots, reason codes, sirens, transit with PIN, whitelist, etc.).


Integrated management of access points

X1, X2 and X3 are able to completely manage all statuses (alarm, break in, forced lock, transit that did not occur, etc.) of a door or turnstile.


Configurable via WEB

X1, X2 and X3 terminals are completely configurable and manageable via web.


Equipped with long-life battery

A standard internal battery keeps it operating for one hour.


Equipped with External USB 2.0 port

For copying transaction records to a memory stick; password protected.


Equipped with GPRS

A version with integrated GPRS modem is available for all models.

Plus of the X3:


Native HTTPS

X3 ensures secure communications via HTTPS protocol



With the same compact size as its predecessors, X3 has not only a numeric keypad but also a touch-screen interface making use more intuitive.


Color graphic display

The large 4.2’’ color display with resolution 480×272 pixel oers detailed, well-defined reproduction of the screens, to view the transactions and enter the selectable reasons with a simple touch.


Integrated access point management

X3 manages all states (alarm, breach, forced lock, failed pass, etc.) of 8 swing doors or 4 turnstiles via the 8 optional boards.


Multiple access point management

X3 is able to fully manage a multi-access point control system, with a wide range of optional devices which can control individually or in combination.

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