Banking & Finance

The safe solution for bank and insurance security to protect assets, clients and to simplify resource management.

Banks, insurance and all financial institutes that need a high level of security to strictly protect their own offices, areas and clients. Evaluating and adopting protective measures in a bank is a complex, delicate process. From here, the need to implement procedures that guarantee the identification of anyone who can access and in what way certain resources (physical and logical).


Given the importance of defending people and assets, our access control, video-surveillance, anti-intrusion, license plate recognition  and attendance monitoring systems play a key role in internal risk management in banks and financial institutes and meet high security requisite standards.


With AXESS TMC solutions, it is possible to create a customized security system, according to your own needs, also adding and integrating our solutions with those already installed. In fact, our products can be connected to other IP systems: fire prevention, video surveillance and anti-intrusion.

Your requests, our solution!

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