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Integrated Security Systems for goods, vehicles and people at the workplace


Touchscreen terminal




Compact & innovative


The Smart Terminal

XP Touch

Multifunction terminal

SuperTrax 4

Advanced Technology


Technology & reliability

Wireless Locks

Wireless security


Proximity Reader


Biometric fingerprint reader

Auto ID & Data Collection

Our flexible and advanced Auto ID and Data Collection products are mostly used for Access Control, Time & Attendance and Production Control applications, but their versatility allows them to be used for any Auto ID application.

Time & Attendance

Our Time and Attendance software solutions are integrated into a modular suite that combines advanced applicatives for all aspects of HR management, communication and process management, and Access Control solutions.

Access Control

AXESS TMC Access Control solutions are suitable for any situation in which the flow of people and things needs to be monitored and controlled – in firms of any size and in situations that range from the simple to the very complex.

Security & Video Surveillance

AXESS TMC offers an extensive range of flexible, modular and scaleable video surveillance solutions - with software products that integrate percectly with the XAtlas platform.


Success stories

  • Electrolux Romania
  • Airbus Spain
  • Parliament of Bosnia Herzegovina
  • Pirelli Turkey

AXESS TMC is a brand of Zucchetti Axess, a leading player in the Italian and European security market based on ICT standards, with innovative products and solutions that combine efficiency and reliability. We develop and provide advanced systems for access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection and integrated security systems, as well as software for attendance management and payroll processing. Our long experience and wide range of expertise allow us to offer products and solutions that are tailored to our clients’ needs.