The Cloud controller configurable via web from any browser or via bluetooth from a smartphone.

New smart controller to manage accesses and attendances through the WEB or the smartphone.

X-IO can manage up to 8 entrances and 16 devices (BLE, RFID, biometrics, pinpad and readers with display for Attendance Monitoring applications).  Access criterias are specific for each gate.



  • Fully web based gate manager (configurable and manageable through browser).
  • With secure protocols: HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP.
  • No DLL needed to integrate XIO: all communications are based on standard protocols.
  • Native Ethernet 10/100 POE.
  • POE+ optional module: high power POE module to supply also some RS485 device with ethernet cable.
  • External battery pack (in DIN rail enclosure) to supply also some RS485 devices in case of mail power failure.


Expandibility with RS485 Board
It is possible to connect up to 16 NeoMax (Net92) boards, each with 1 reader, 2 digital inputs and 2 relays. Alternatively, it is possible to connect a combination of 16 of the following devices using SPP protocol:

  • FD-NeoMax (1 reader, 2 inputs and 2 relays);
  • AX RF recessed reader with button;
  • AX BIO or XFinger biometric readers with integrated RF reader;
  • RFID 4/K and RFID 5/K RF reader available also with integrated keyboard for PIN access and/or with BLE reader for using smartphones as badges;
  • FD-RALL: reader with display for attendance monitoring applications.

Discover APP for Android

CaBLE allows you to asily configure the device via smartphone. With CaBLE, it is possible to perform different operations:

  • Configure IP parameters;
  • Configure WIFI parameters.

CaBLE download for mobile phones



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