Venue Management

The Zucchetti group has created an integrated solution for managing sports event in stadiums and sports arenas, also events and entertainment with a high number of spectators and fans.


It a full, integrated system of solutions for Venue Management that includes: access control, video-surveillance, electronic ticketing, management software for sales points and energy management.


Venue Access Control

A full, integrated solution for managing venue entrances with high traffic (stadiums, arenas, trade fair areas), comprising access management software that automatically controls: readers housed in the physical turnstile structures, wireless handheld devices, IP cameras installed on entrances. It can match attendants’ images with entrance tickets among other features.,


The Guardian intelligent terminal is a PC-based device that can read all types of tickets and cards (barcode, proximity and magnetic) and has a screen that favors communication between users and security workers, which can also be used for commercial purposes.


For venues where no cabled network infrastructures are available, the Zucchetti group offers a centralized access control web application that resides in Zucchetti’s own Data Center. The software is based on a central infrastructure that uses WI-FI networks and data packages often found in mobile phone telephony, allowing fixed and mobile equipment, such as handheld devices, to be used for entrance control.


Video surveillance


Integration of the XAtlas software with telecameras provides widespread, real-time surveillance that can be used for access control and inside facilities. High definition images are obtained from the various video cameras in the facility, which control both large-size areas and crowd behavior.

POS and Cashless Payment

POS and Cashless Payment

The multi-functional POS and cashless payment solution for food and beverage and fan merchandising management is ideal for catering, retail and both simple and complex sales environments, such as stadiums, canteens, shops, trade fairs, theme parks, multiplex cinemas and museums, and generally all those environments where a sales transaction can take place.


Companies can efficiently and effectively manage all aspects of the sale process. Thanks to the use of powerful, flexible tools, that are based on the most modern standard technologies, using user-friendly touch-screens and manage all different types of currency and accepts various payment methods.




An easy solution to integrate with all the channels usually used to communicate with users: voice, sms, mobile apps, social network, web and interactive screen, which in addition to creating client loyalty allow identification of specific behaviors and monitor habits, in order to provide better interaction.

Energy Management

Energy Management


ZEnergy is the Asset Energy Management solution for the intelligent gathering and management of energy and environmental information for industrial plants, properties and structures. The solution allows organizations to save on energy costs by monitoring consumption and a rational use of resources (electricity, water, gas etc).

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