Reception Management

Visitors 4.0 for visitor management in your company!

Visitors 4.0 is the XAtlas software module that can be integrated into the Access Control system, for secure, efficient visitor management via the web.

Visitors 4.0 offers a complete visitor control and records all transits during their stay in the premises in a transparent and detailed way.


With Visitors 4.0 you can:

  • Manage visitor access flow securely and efficiently;
  • Optimize accreditation operations;
  • Differentiate operational modes;
  • Limit management costs;
  • Use new technologiesfor accreditation and identification;
  • Constantly monitor the presence of visitors in the company;
  • Dematerialize visit-related documentation.

Manage your visitors in two ways:


Visitors 4.0 offers the possibility of being able to choose the check-in mode. Your visitors will receive their invitation, access codes and privacy acceptance forms by email.. On the day of the event, they can choose whether to register at reception or automatically.


The operator can carry out the following activities at reception:


  • Scan the ID document;
  • Alter authorizations;
  • Extend the duration of the visit;
  • Select the badge or pre-registration via the station reader;
  • Print off disposable access credentials;
  • Photograph the guest for photo placement on the Pass.


After registration:


  • The system notifies the company contact;
  • The operator hands over the badge with pre-set authorizations;
  • The visitor can access the event.


In Self Check-in mode, the guest takes part part in the event directly, registering automatically with the access codes received in the invitation:


  • Qr code;
  • Pin code;
  • Entro App.


With Self Check-in, the procedure is even quicker and practical. The guest can only autonomously access the areas that he has been given permission for and it is always possible to monitor where the guest is inside the company.

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