With the BLE Reader in Zucchetti AXESS terminals, forget your badge and use your Smartphone.

Virtual badge

Different applications

Encrypted code

Entro is the innovative AXESS TMC APP that turns your Smartphone into a powerful virtual badge able to send stamping and also to set the reading distance. Thanks to BLE reader, compatible with all our terminals, and Entro you can use your Smartphone to punch and open doors, gates and turnstiles. The innovative management for Time & Attendance and Access Control.


The BLE reader, comes equipped with the TTL serial interface, and is compatible with all the terminals from our broad offer. The mobile app transforms every smartphone in an effective and versatile badge.


The smartphone sends an encrypted code to the terminal, using the wireless Bluetooth Low Energy technology, available with all recent smartphone models. L’apertura del varco avviene semplicemente avvicinando lo smartphone al rilevatore, oppure anche a lunga distanza.


The reading distance can be adjusted from the APP settings: from 30cm to 10 meters. This flexible option enables usage for different applications: from the access control and time and attendance (reading distance of a few centimeters) to activating the barrier to open from your car (reading distance of a few meters).



Goodbye Badge. All in an App!


With the BLE reader you can…


  • Increase the SECURITY by eliminating the risk of duplicated cards
  • Forget about LOST badges
  • Cut the COSTS for replacing/creating new badges.
  • Simplify stamping in open spaces, where the terminals are not close to the workplace (eg. Construction site).
  • Reduce the risk of exchanging badges and badgings “for other parties” as a personal smartphone is rarely handed over to others.
  • If the smartphone is lost or replaced by the employee, the previous code is simple disabled and the user is matched to the code for the new phone.


How does it works?


Once installed on your Smartphone, the APP generates a unique code that cannot be changed. This is the code that is sent encrypted from the phone to the reader using BLE (Bluetooth 4.0/Smart) technology.


The code sent from the telephone is then sent to the attendance monitoring or access control detection terminal. If the code is enabled and considered valid, the terminal accepts the registration as if it had been read as a normal badge. The door or gate is opened and attendance is registered.


To enable the code on a AXESS TMC terminal that has a BLE reader, connect to the terminal IP through your own browser and password and follow the intuitive process to match the code to a user and assign authorization and hours to it.


On activating the APP on your smartphone, all BLE terminals within range are shown. The code is sent encrypted to the selected terminal. It is also possible to automatically send the code when the APP is opened for registering attendance with a simple touch or voice command.

Discover APP for Android and iOS


ENTRO download for mobile phones





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