XPoint GLASS combines the operating characteristics of a terminal with those of a Xatlas controller.

Advanced Terminal and multi-application controller


XPoint GLASS is able to manage both Time and Attendance functions and Access Control systems, as a controller of the XAtlas system, even without a PC.

The large touchscreen display and intuitive interface allow clearly displaying the personnel information, reviewing transaction records and displaying messages.

The user or operating interface of XPoint GLASS is touch screen and its functions and language can be completely customised using the XAtlas software.

Each user can also be associated with a Peripheral Profile to enable or disable some of the functions or menu items that can be used by other workstations.


Everything under control


The main functions of XPoint GLASS:

  • Human Resources: time and attendance management with the introduction of “reasons” (off-site work, overtime, lateness, etc.) and consultation of personal data (first and last clocking transaction, work hour balances, etc.);
  • Canteen Management: tracking of meal reservations or consumption, with or without menu composition, number of meals consumed displayed on a large, bright graphic display;
  • Access Control: locking/unlocking of individual access points or all access points in an area, by-passing of one or more authorisation checks, instructions for visitors, digital intercom;
  • Intrusion Detection: arming/disarming of zone alarms, alarm list, enabling/disabling of alarm actuators;
  • Safety: indication of escape routes and list of people present at assembly points in the event of evacuation;
  • Impartial: random drawing of a transactions for checks (among the parameters configurable: maximum number of simultaneous inspections, access point blocked or free during inspection, etc.).

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