TRAXGate is the turnstile that combines design, innovation, technology, robustness and practicality.

Ethernet Turnstile for Access Control and Time & Attendance management


Integrates a SuperTRAX Light which makes TRAXGate the first turnstile with 7-inch graphic display and touchscreen interface with Windows Compact Embedded 7 operating system. The access control and time and attendance functions, as well as the selection of reasons (descriptions) or transits with PIN via touchscreen keypad, are integrated and ready to use.

Ideal for any access control requirement for SMEs and large companies, TRAX Gate can operate in stand-alone mode or under the control of a server for exchanging TCP/IP message.



  • Single-leg tripod with burglary and climb-over alarms;
  • Cushioned rotation;
  • Buzzer and standard indicating lights on the sides and on the top to provide clear indications to the user;
  • Drop-arm (optional).


Trax Gate works for XAtlas system or can operate stand alone.


Configurable via web with any kind of browser.

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