TagME is a pocket-sized tag that uses 4.0 Low Energy Bluetooth technology.


Suitable for Access Control and Indoor Location, TagME works automatically when you enter the range of a specific BLE Bluetooth reader for TagME.

For a new way of managing the Attendance Monitoring and Access Control system TagME is the secure system for: accessing an area, recording attendance with badge and opening
an entrance from up to 10 meters away hands-free.


With TagME:
• Greater security security by eliminating duplication risk of badges.
• Simplification of badging in outdoor environments (e.g. building sites).
• Check your employees’ location in the event of need.


The TagME BLE reader that we have developed has a TTL serial interface and can be integrated (also internally) with all the devices in our range that have a port for the TTL reader.


With TagME:
For Access Control and Attendance Monitoring

  • You can automatically register your attendance.
  • You can open any gate, also at a distance and hands-free.

For Safety

  • You can check those present in a given area.

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