Superglass 7

SuperGLASS7 is the Time & Attendance and Access Control Terminal that adds elegance and style to any reception, even the most prestigious locations.

Integrated camera

Multimedia functions

.NET Programmable


Thanks to the new graphic interface you can personalize the screen: choose the background, create the buttons, with standard or personalized functions, change color, dimension and position. You can also insert adv or informational messages!


Beautiful, slim and stylish


SuperGLASS 7 has a capacitive touchscreen display and advanced features that can be tailored to meet the most complex Access Control and security needs of any organisation.

SuperGLASS 7 offers an optional application-specific suite, including:

  • Audio/Video over IP functions that transform the terminal into a powerful telephone or videophone workstation integrated into the company’s VOIP network;
  • Sending of public or private messages, which are displayed on the screen and can also provide confi rmation of reading.



With SuperGLASS7 and FingerBOX, it is possible the enrollement and the distribution of fingerprints to the terminals.


Ready to use

Thanks to the embedded Time Attendance and Access Control application.


Configurable via web

SuperGLASS 7  is fully configurable and manageable via a web browser.


Programmable in .NET Microsoft 7

The possibility to program SuperGLASS 7  terminal in .NET environment allows it to meet any data collection need.



The information collected and exchanged with the data server is stored and protected by secure HTTPS connections that ensure data integrity and confidentiality.


Equipped with multimedia functions

SuperGLASS7 includes different functions as an example: VOIP with video, playing of audio files, Text to Speech, video streaming on the web.


Equipped with long-life battery

A standard internal battery guarantees the operation during power outage.


Equipped with POE Technology

The POE system, supplied as standard, also allows activating SuperGLASS 7 using a single network cable.

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