RFID/2 family offers a wide choice of proximity technologies, read-only and read/write modules.

 2 LED signals


Compact size



Zucchetti AXESS offers a wide choice of RFID access control readers to match any requirement or plant needs. Whatever your needs for RFID or access control reader, we are able to assist you. Among our access control reader families, RFID/2 is a family of general purpose IP65 waterproof readers, with IK08 grade impact resistance as well as CE and FCC certifications. RFID/2 readers feature 2 LEDs (blue and red) and connecting cable. 125Khz version is also equipped with a buzzer for acoustic feedback. Size are compact (102x42x23 mm HxLxP) allowing discrete yet elegant access control installations in every environment.


RFID/2 family offers a wide choice of proximity technologies, read-only and read/write modules. Models equipped with serial bidirectional connection, allow complete handling or Read/Write, multisegmented applications and “Multi-applications”.


904.200.17125 KHz – 64 bit read-only tags ( EM – H4002/4102 compatible). Four integrated selectable emulation interfaces: Clock&Data (Magstripe), Wiegand, Barcode C39 and RS232 9600n8. Connection can reach up to 50 meters.
904.201.14 ISO14443 A/B & ISO15693 reader, Mifare®. Two possible output formats: Magstripe (Clock&Data) or serial TTL for read & write applications.
904.202.14 ISO14443 A/B & ISO15693 reader, Mifare®.  Three possible buffered output formats: Magstripe (Clock&Data), RS232 for Read & Write applications, Wiegand (through serial command) – Connection can reach up to 50 meters.

RFID/2 access control readers are supported by all AXESS TMC terminals in read-only applications. Read/Write applications usually require customized SW development.


User signals
Buzzer (125 KHz versions only)
Red LED and Green LED controlled by the host device.


Reading distance
From 30 to 150mm depending on the RFID technology.


Wall mounting
Two front-pass-through holes for screwing into the wall. Transparent plastic cover for screws and LED protection. Cable can exit from the back, into a hole in the wall. Or downside (or left/rightside) on the same wall side, through break-able edges.


OEM Versions: No casing, only circuit versions available.


Certificates: CE and FCC. IP65. IK08

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