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A centralized management system for customer and employee safety in any kind of shop or store.

The main problem in shopping malls, large shop chains, high fashion boutiques, wholesalers and small stores is to create a safe environment for customers and employees.


Safety solutions for shops and retail stores should not prevent a customer’s shopping experience, but improve it. The customer is the heart of this sector, and it is essential to protect them and accompany them during their purchases, ensuring maximum safety while choosing. Offering a good service means making the facilities available and easy to access, and at the same time, preventing theft and unwanted access.


AXESS TMC security systems allow management of the people and goods that pass through the stores daily. Our access control ensures accessibility to technical and service areas only for authorized staff, preventing unauthorized subjects from entering. Our video-surveillance offers big advantages, not only for the constant monitoring of areas, but also for the prevention of theft and fraud. Our systems are integratable with a large range of third-party applications. In this way, it is possible to create a highly customizable solution, based on your needs and budget.


With the solutions from AXESS TMC, that are reliable and performing,  your security will be maximum. Not just a safe environment for customers and staff, but more efficient for operational processes, thanks to integration. Centralized management allows companies to monitor all shops, from a centralized site, such as the company’s headquarters, for example. Robbery, burglary, theft by employees or customers, loss of goods during transfer from central warehouse to the shops and car park safety will no longer be your problem.

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