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Oil & Gas

The integrated Security Management system for guaranteeing security and control in Oil & Gas companies at any time and under any condition.

Oil & Gas is a very important market. Petrochemical structures in the oil and gas sector face specific high-risk security challenges, and must observe stringent regulations.


Exploring new site, boring, refineries, storage sites and petroleum tankers are promising segments for the adoption of security systems that allow management and resolution of health and safety problems, access level management and structure protection.


Problems that can be overcome thanks to AXESS TMC security systems that integrate: attendance management, access control, video-surveillance and anti-intrusion. Sites that are increasing in size and interconnection that spread over several kilometers distance, integration between various security system is necessary and essential. Longer-lasting, stronger security systems are also essential for operating in extreme conditions, guaranteeing Safety and Security.


AXESS TMC offers customizable access control specific to this sector. Access control integrated with video-surveillance that is important for monitoring the perimeter and internal areas of the sites and allows access only to authorized personnel. A mix of standard and thermal cameras, to prevent fires or loss of inflammable substances.


Thanks to our experience and knowledge we develop and install security systems, from the initial planning stage to implementation, guaranteeing continuing support and maintenance. Our solutions have a global capacity and local presence, they are highly customizable thanks to our huge offer, our wide range of hardware and software product portfolio, from which it is possible to choose your security system.

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