MAX Gate is a reliable high-tech turnstile manufactured by Zucchetti Axess.

Innovation, design and safety entirely “Made in Italy”.

Web turnstiles for Access Control


Integrates an AX GATE controller – through a browser, the user can open, block or put in emergency the turnstile and display the list of events and transactions performed.


MAX GATE, entirely made of 304 stainless steel, is available in a single-leg tripod version. Entirely made in Italy, in partnership with a leading manufacturer, MAX Gate is characterised by high technology and excellent mechanical strength and reliability at the top of the category.


Turnstiles latest generation

They are “plug and play” because they have built-in Ethernet terminals and readers. Max Gate has a built-in Ethernet controller, cushioned rotation and internal 125 kHz dual technology proximity reader.


Max Gate works for XAtlas system or can operate Stand -Alone.


Configurable via web with any kind of browser.

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