FreeGate – a barrier-less opening for the free flow of people, vehicles and goods

Freedom to move around within the company spaces


FreeGate is a discrete, non-invasive control system that allows monitoring the transit of people, vehicles and goods without the installation of physical barriers, while ensuring complete control of the transit. FreeGate reads a UHF TAG (RFID) worn by the person or attached to the vehicle or the goods to be controlled.

The UHF technology allows the badge to be read at a distance of a few metres. Once the tag has been authorised, the system tracks the exact location of people, vehicles and goods.


FreeGate is naturally able to manage multiple passages in both directions, automatically recognising the direction of the flow of each tag. This function means FreeGate can also be used to check how many people are in specific areas and notify when the occupants exceed the allowable limit.

FreeGate can be installed in hallways, elevator landings, interior passages connecting company buildings. The barrier-less opening can also be hidden behind a drywall or wood panelling, if permitted by the type of installation. FreeGate can also be connected to traditional physical barriers to prevent access if occupancy limits are exceeded in certain areas or parking areas, or if the person in transit has not been identified.


Application of FreeGate


FreeGate’s extreme fl exibility means it can be used in any operating environment:


  • Access control in any company without the introduction of physical barriers
  • For occupational safety purposes in areas with controlled occupancy
  • Automatic verification of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) present on materials, tools and company equipment
  • Control of goods in transit thanks to the tag that allows tracking the movement of materials inside the company
  • Management of parking areas and control of vehicle access thanks to the fully automatic UHF system.
  • Automatic detection of any break-ins with generation of alarms for safety offi cers with optional video surveillance connected.

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