Field Device

Field Devices allow you to create a physical interface between the XAtlas server and the environment you want to control, in a manner that is both flexible and modular.

The Field Devices of the XAtlas server allow detecting states, identifying users and controlling equipment.


A wide range of devices can be selected in order to meet various needs:

  • Application (only access control, access control and time and attendance, intrusion detection systems, etc.);
  • Target environment (indoor or outdoor);
  • Identification technologies (magnetic cards, proximity cards, smart cards and biometric measurements);
  • Detection technologies (volumetric or perimeter sensors).



The Field Devices connect via a RS485 data bus to Field Processors (FM, XPoint touch, Xpoint Glass) on which they depend for their online operation. Some FD models are also available in Ethernet version thus eliminating the need for RS485 cables.


It is also possible to connect third party peripherals to provide the best solution for any requirement of Time & Attendance, Access Control or Intrusion Detection.

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