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Facial Recognition


Together to integrate access control with facial recognition

With integration of Zucchetti Axess access control systems and Herta Security’s products was created XFace, the solution that allows human facial recognition for the automatic opening of turnstiles/entrances or for managing signals and alarms.


Facial biometrics is used to identify a user from check lists that have previously been uploaded and to check his identity when passing through the entrance gate or when clocking on at work. The devices are totally autonomous, without any human intervention, also optimizing company costs and processes.  The photographs are not stored in any database. They are eliminated after the face has been recognized; basically, “they are born and they die” at the same time, thus protecting the user’s sensitive data.

XFace products:



BioSurveillance, detects multiple faces in real-time, incorporates on-the-fly video enrolment, identifies previously trained individuals, and facilitates run-time management of alarms and individuals.

  • BioSurveillance uses video surveillance cameras to recognize the faces of blacklisted people;
  • BioSurveillance yields excellent performance with partial occlusions of the face, glasses, scarfs, caps, changes of facial expression, shadows, high contrasts and extreme or poor lighting conditions;
  • BioSurveillance works on the move and at a distance, and does not require end-user collaboration;
  • Individuals can be enrolled in the system through a photograph as well as using real time or recorded video

BioSurveillance is the right solution to increase security in crowded environments such as airports, train or metro stations, shopping malls, sport stadiums, or urban centres.



Biometric access control is the perfect solution for controlling user access to physical locations such as buildings, offices, data centers, and restricted security areas in general.

Face biometrics is used to identify a user from access control lists and to verify their identity. BioAccess enables user management at runtime and allows users to be enrolled on-the-fly by video capture. This technology yields excellent performance despite partial occlusions of the face, the use of glasses, scarfs or caps, changes of facial expression, and moderate rotations of the face.

Moreover, it does not allow users to be impersonated using photographs.



BioFinder is the solution that makes it possible to search for a specific subject, through facial recognition, in one or various recorded videos. By working with GPU architectures, it manages to process at a high speed all the images on the video of the object of analysis. BioFinder makes it possible the analysis at speeds faster than real time. In this way it is possible to localise a specific subject more rapidly than if the video is visualized at its original speed.

BioFinder is a product for which the application is centred on forensic analysis or the classification of information, being useful amongst other situations in police environments and searches for suspects.



Application for connecting multiple local BioSurveillance systems, permitting centralized management.



Communications module that facilitates the task of integrating our products with specific applications.

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