ETC – Electronic Time Card is the terminal that ensures the employee’s personal data protection.

Reliable and Perfect


ETC is a complete Time & Attendance system comprinsing a clock with a touch screen colour graphic display, and two RFID card readers by which IN and OUT transactions of employees are logged. ETC revolutionizes the traditional concept of a time recorder. With its simple and elegant styling, ETC provides a user-friendly and flexible interface allowing acquisition of attendance data and input of justifications, in total compliance with current privacy laws.



ETC is easy to install: simply decide where the clock needs to be positioned… and it will be ready for use.



The automatic back-up system is programmed to save and protect all recorded attendance data in any eventuality.



The system can be expanded to meet the changing needs of the organization.

Hardware Features:

  • Touch-Screen display
  • Expandable Memory with USB Pen drive
  • Proximity badge technology
  • GSM/GPRS modem option
  • Integrated Ethernet connectivity (future evolution).

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